Expose a single light conversion motor as a yaq daemon.



The lightcon-topas4-motor daemon can be installed using the following package managers:



The lightcon-topas4-motor daemon is composed of the following traits:



The lightcon-topas4-motor daemon has been tested with the following hardware:



Example configuration files.

enable (boolean) default: True
Disable this daemon. The kind entry-point will not attempt to start this daemon.
from is-daemon

identifiers ({'type': 'map', 'values': 'double'}) default: {}
Position identifiers
from is-discrete
addendum by lightcon-topas4-motor:
Topas4 motor daemons ignore identifiers config. Native 'named positions' are used instead

limits (array) default: [-inf, inf]
Configuration limits are strictly optional.
from has-limits

log_level ({'name': 'level', 'symbols': ['debug', 'info', 'notice', 'warning', 'error', 'critical', 'alert', 'emergency'], 'type': 'enum'}) default: info
Set daemon log-level.
from is-daemon

log_to_file (boolean) default: False
Optionally force logging to a file.
from is-daemon

make (['null', 'string']) default: None
from is-daemon

model (['null', 'string']) default: None
from is-daemon

motor_index (int) default: 1
Index of the motor within the topas4 device

out_of_limits (enum) default: closest
Control behavior of daemon when set_position is given a value outside of limits.
from has-limits

port (int)
TCP port for daemon to occupy.
from is-daemon

serial (['null', 'string']) default: None
Serial number for the particular device represented by the daemon
from is-daemon
addendum by lightcon-topas4-motor:
Topas4 motor daemons MUST specify the serial number

topas4_host (string) default:
Host/IP of the wintopas4 server

topas4_port (int) default: 8000
IP port of the wintopas4 server


The lightcon-topas4-motor daemon will provide the following state information:

destination (double)
from has-position

hw_limits (array)
from has-limits

position (double)
from has-position

position_identifier (['null', 'string'])
Current position identifier.
from is-discrete


The lightcon-topas4-motor daemon will expose the following public messages:

busy ➜ boolean
Returns true if daemon is currently busy.
from is-daemon

get_config ➜ string
Full configuration for the individual daemon as defined in the TOML file. This includes defaults and shared settings not directly specified in the daemon-specific TOML table.
from is-daemon

get_config_filepath ➜ string
String representing the absolute filepath of the configuration file on the host machine.
from is-daemon

get_destination ➜ double
Get current daemon destination.
from has-position

get_identifier ➜ ['null', 'string']
Get current identifier string. Current identifier may be None.
from is-discrete

get_limits ➜ {'items': 'double', 'type': 'array'}
Get daemon limits.Limits will be the intersection of config limits and driver limits (when appliciable).
from has-limits

get_position ➜ double
Get current daemon position.
from has-position

get_position_identifier_options ➜ {'items': 'string', 'type': 'array'}
Get position identifier names. Identifiers may not change at runtime.
from is-discrete

get_position_identifiers ➜ {'type': 'map', 'values': 'double'}
Get position identifiers. Identifiers may not change at runtime.
from is-discrete

get_state ➜ string
Get version of the running daemon
from is-daemon

get_units ➜ ['null', 'string']
Get units of daemon. These units apply to the position and destination properties.
from has-position

home ➜ null
Initiates the homing procedure. The daemon will report as busy during the homing procedure. After the homing procedure is complete, the daemon will return to the current destination.
from is-homeable

id ➜ {'type': 'map', 'values': ['null', 'string']}
JSON object with information to identify the daemon, including name, kind, make, model, serial.
from is-daemon

in_limits ➜ boolean
Check if a given position is within daemon limits.
from has-limits

position (double)

set_identifier ➜ double
Set using an identifier. Returns new destination.
from is-discrete

identifier (string)

set_position ➜ null
Give the daemon a new destination, and begin motion towards that destination.
from has-position

position (double)

set_relative ➜ double
Give the daemon a new destination relative to its current position. Daemon will immediately begin motion towards new destination. Returns new destination.
from has-position

distance (double)

shutdown ➜ null
Cleanly shutdown (or restart) daemon.
from is-daemon

restart (boolean) default: False

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