Sensor daemon to monitor local system performance (CPU, memory, uptime, and disk).

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The system-monitor daemon can be installed using the following package managers:



The system-monitor daemon is composed of the following traits:



port (integer)
TCP port for daemon to occupy.
from is-daemon

serial (string) default: NULL
Serial number for the particular device represented by the daemon
from is-daemon

make (String) default: NULL
from is-daemon

model (String) default: NULL
from is-daemon


Daemons with the system-monitor trait expose the following public methods:

measure ➜ number
Initiate a measurement. Returns integer, measurement ID.
from is-sensor

loop, {'type': 'boolean'}

get_measured ➜ dictionary name: value
Get most recent measured value. Additional key of measurement ID.
from is-sensor

Stop looping measurement.
from is-sensor

get_channel_names ➜ list of string
Get current channel names.
from is-sensor

get_channel_shapes ➜ dictionary name: list of int
Get current channel shapes. If list is empty, channel is scalar.
from is-sensor

get_channel_units ➜ dictionary name: units
Get current channel units.
from is-sensor

busy ➜ boolean
Returns true if daemon is currently busy.
from is-daemon

id ➜ dictionary
JSON object with information to identify the daemon, including name, kind, make, model, serial.
from is-daemon

get_config_filepath ➜ string
String representing the absolute filepath of the configuration file on the host machine.
from is-daemon

get_config ➜ dictionary
Full configuration for the individual daemon as defined in the TOML file. This includes defaults and shared settings not directly specified in the daemon-specific TOML table.
from is-daemon

get_traits ➜ [string]
Get a full list of the daemon traits.
from is-daemon

get_state ➜ dictionary
Get daemon state, as saved in the state.toml file.
from is-daemon

Set daemon state. Accepts any subset of the state dictionary, dynamically.
from is-daemon

list_methods ➜ [string]
Get an array of all known public method names.
from is-daemon

Cleanly shutdown daemon.
from is-daemon

help ➜ string
If method not given, return a human-readable string with information about the daemon as a whole. If method is given, return a human-readable string with the signature of the method on the first line and a description of the method on subsequent lines. The signature is not specified to be in any particular language. It is intended for usage by humans ONLY.
from is-daemon

method, {'type': 'string'}